SuperScore Edition

TimeWarp Technologies is partnering with the Online Centennial to publish the complete piano works of Joplin as interactive musical scores available for purchase in the SuperScore Music app for iPad. These SuperScore files will incorporate selected performances into the scores themselves.

SuperScore features a unique Liquid Music Display™ technology that enables the musician to resize the music to a comfortable viewing size. When the music is resized or the iPad’s orientation is changed, the score is reflowed to fit the available space.

Students who use these interactive scores can listen to the music played on any available MIDI output device, such as an acoustic piano with a MIDI player system, a digital piano, a virtual piano, or SuperScore’s built-in MIDI tone generator. The app offers options for adjusting the tempo globally, muting the left- or right-hand part, adding a metronome, and annotating the score. Pages can be turned by swiping or by wireless Bluetooth foot pedal. If the performer plays on a MIDI keyboard with a connection to the iPad, the player can enjoy automatic page-turning while the app tracks the performer’s progress through the score.

It should be noted that the embedded performances will have all of the tempo, rhythmic, and dynamic nuance of human performance—because these performances were recorded by fine players.