Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is the deadline for submissions?

A: The peer review process for papers and recordings of performances will begin April 1st and continue through July 31st, 2017. We would be happy to receive recordings of pieces that have not already been added to the Archive after that time, but they are less likely to be programmed on concerts in the Fall academic semester.


Q: What sort of recordings will you accept?

A: The Piano Works archive will have a single, high-quality MIDI file of each of Joplin's work. We are also accepting submissions of Joplin-inspired compositions and improvisations in .mp3 and MIDI file format.

Q: Who owns the copyright to my performance?

A: Our goal is to make it easy for people around the world to listen to Joplin's music. You own the copyright to your performance, but rather than taking a position of "All Rights Reserved" we ask that contributors allow us to post their performances with a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivatives License. This way others will be able to use your performance as long as they indicate who did it, use it for non-commercial purposes, and don't adapt it. This will allow them to, for example, listen at home, play it in an admission-free Disklavier Centennial Concert, or use in the sound track of a home-made video, but not modify it. You may pick a different type of Creative Commons license if you prefer a different set of restrictions.


Q: Can I submit MIDI files generated from step editors or score notation programs?

A: We think that playback will be more enjoyable if the MIDI files begin as recordings of live performances. You are welcome to edit your performances.


Q: Can I submit MIDI files recorded of other people's performances?

A: You must own the copyright to the performance. Please do not submit MIDI files from third parties without their permission.


Q: Which model of the Disklavier is best for recording?

A: Newer models capture more nuances of performance, including gradations of sustain pedaling. We feel that any Disklavier is suitable for this project. In order to have your performances played back as faithfully as possible, you should check that your Disklavier sustain pedal is in proper adjustment. For example, Mark IV pianos have a notch on the rod that transfers sustain pedal motion to the mechanism above, and the notch in the back of the rod should be flush with the bottom of the housing it goes into. Your piano technician may be able to help you run the calibration routines for both keys and pedals.


Q: I have a different type of MIDI-controlled piano. Can I still organize a concert using performances in the Piano Works archive?

A: Yes. We can send you the MIDI files of any piece you are interested in having performed, or you can use audio recordings. Please let us know if you're planning a concert so we can add it to the list of Centennial events.


Q: How do I submit recordings and academic papers for the Scott Joplin Online Centennial?

A. See the submissions page. The selection process is peer-reviewed and the Centennial may be considered an international event as it is expected to involve institutions and visitors from around the world between April 1, 2017 to April 1, 2018.


Q: I still have questions. Who can I contact?

A: Send an email to scottjopincentennial[at]