Scott Joplin Online Centennial

When Iā€™m dead twenty-five years, people are going to begin to recognize me.
— Scott Joplin (1867 ? ā€“ 1917)


A series of Scott Joplin Centennial concerts will take place around the world beginning in April, 2017. Institutions with Disklavier technology (shown below) are invited to draw from recordings in the archive and combine them with live performances from their local community. Downloaded lecture demonstrations from the Disklavier Education Network site can also be included for those with video-sync technologies, or with video-only playback.

Educational institutions with Disklavier technology in the United States


Margaret Thomas is heading the review committee for academic papers for the Online Centennial.

Advisory Board

Ed Berlin - Joplin's biographer

Angelin Chang - Cleveland State University

Susan Curtis - Purdue University

Shana Kirk - Disklavier Education Network

Lori Rhoden - Ball State University